Joe Correia was born in Portugal in 1945. He moved to the United States in 1970 and has made The USA his permanent home.

America has been Joe’s canvas for a very broad range of professional experiences from corporate management to college educator, however, he always has found time for his love of the arts.

Joe has served in The USA Army as a combat photographer, he is also a photojournalist and illustrator. Some of his clients are international companies such as General Dynamics, Atlantic Research Corporation, NASA, AMFUEL, and LTV to name a few. Among various dignitaries his portfolio includes, President Regan, President Clinton, Pope John Paul II, Jim Rodenberry, Connie Francis, James Earl Joans, James Wheatmore, Tippi Edrin, Billy D. Williams, David Brown, Chief Little Horse (last Living descendent of Geronimo) and Ken Burns.

Joe has traveled from coast to coast and from Florida to Alaska several times and has given lectures all around The USA. His lectures focus on sharing with the audience the experiences that he has had, what he has learned, and how his sense of spirituality and love for all life has continued to grow as he focuses on his passion for photography.

Joe has started a new approach to his work, which he calls: "Conducting Light." Joe selects various images and weaves them into a single visual message. "As a composer selects musicians to create a concert I select images to play a part of a broader and more complex piece" Joe says. With the coming of age of digital photography Joe creates what his heart feels with what his eyes show him.

"My life is my classroom, the universe is my Holly Book, the days are its pages, and each moment is a word. What I learn is simply how to live more intensely."

" For me life is all bout passion: the more you have of it the more intense life is and its lessons greater"

"Nothing gratifies me more than knowing that through something I may do or say, someone's heart is a little happier.

"The only thing we take with us is the love we give"

"When you fill your heart with love there is no room left for anything else"

Often those taken for your worse enemies, turn out to be some of your best friends in the long run.  They may cause us great pain and suffering, however, they often bring with them an opportunity for us to grow to levels of wisdom that otherwise we might never experience.

When we start to see differences as contributions, and adversity as a challenge to make us greater, we are getting ready to enter a life of bliss that otherwise will be only a mystery.


Personal Experiences and Their Benefits

Ken Burns

Having the privilege of working on the coverage of  Ken Burns during his generous attendance at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (HSDFF) in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was one of the most heart felt experiences in my professional career!

Often, stars and other highly prominent public figures tend to make us notice our own shadows when in the presence of their brightness.  However, Ken Burns has a graceful presence with such an intensity and passion that instead he makes us see and feel our own light in our hearts.  Instead of admiring him on a pedestal, he kindly walks into our hearts and gives of himself to us!

Today, I walked away from Ken a better person because his presence gave me more of myself through his inspiration, insightfulness, passion, and love for this world.

From students to film aficionados and movie makers along with the general public attending the festival, all had the chance to experience this rare opportunity thanks to the contribution of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute (HSDFI) and the laborious efforts of its director, Melanie Massino who personally created the opportunity for Ken to come to the festival.  To Director Melanie Massino, President Dexter Doyle, and the HSDFI board, I thank you dearly for such a valuable gift!


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You will be entertained to an hour of conversation by Joe Correia (me) and a guest to the program on a variety of subjects intended to inspire you   to consider new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives.  This program is intended to inspire the listener spiritually with though provoking ideas.  The program is open to call-in's live and / or e-mails which will be answered in  future programs.  Get involved! Let us know what you think.






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June 13-24, 2005