The Realm

Sometimes visions appear as they did this time.
I was looking into my daughter's face and the rest of the image appeared in my head! The magic of digital photography gave me the freedom to create this image born of my imagination but inspired by her!

The Dance

While looking at one of my pictures with My daughter I felt a connectivity with the whole universe. This feeling of continuity with the whole manifested into me through the love I was experiencing from looking into her face. The color of the background is from a digital sample of the tonal range of her hair. This way the energy reflects her energy I perceived it.
The crackled texture renders the feeling of timeless, old, across times, which represents the free condition of spirit in relation to the human being limited in time and space. The framed sphere containing the faces relates to infinity since a circle has no beginning or ending. The wave form harmonizes with our faces and has several poetic, mystic, scientific, and philosophic meaning. The poetry comes from the harmony of the faces and the whole of the image with all its symbolism The Mystical comes from the creation of the I-Ching symbol Yin Yang -- an Eastern philosophy -- and the circle and the wave that represents energy -- western science --
The philosophic aspect may be derived from all the conjectures and reflections that one may create from observing the whole or parts of the image. The date of the creation of this peace is Greenwich time and has an inside symbol that only the spirits to whom the faces belong can understand. da Vinci "Virtuvian Man", Mars, and the galaxy ad symbolism to the piece along with MC2to invite added meaning to the full image. In the end is the feeling that it all offers that carries the deeper message (hopefully) that of unity, wander, mystery, and mostly... love.

Tears of Hope

I created this image to express my feelings of empathy for the Native American.

The Golden Fall

Sometimes playing with Digital filters can bring about some rather amazing results.

Between worlds, feelings, and fantasy

Playing with symbols, color, and texture to explore sensuality in a graceful way


Walls only block the view of the spiritually impaired. For those who choose to apply all of their energy in all aspects of consciousness there are no boundaries.
The universe becomes a playground of experiences meant to enrich, inspire, and grow into the partnership with the universe as a co-creator with the whole.

Infinite Possibility

Jerry Matlock is a very good friend of mine and a great musician as well. I have been privileged with his request that I produce the art for his new CD.
The image above is a product of how his music, his ideas, and my work inspired on his art presented itself in my creative process.


Reality and truth are mostly an agreement either with oneself or among several individuals. This agreement may be conscious on not but an agreement nevertheless.
The image below is made of objects that everyone has an agreement with in terms of reality. Water, people, plants, buildings, wings, eyes, animals. rocks, and reflections. Yet when put together in one single image in a certain way create an image that no one automatically will accept as real as they will to each component individually. Yet, this image exists in my inner world. Until the event of digital photography most of us have died without the opportunity of expressing this visions to the outside worlds with the exception of the very few artist who chose to dedicate their lives and skill to that task. While conventional photography gives us the opportunity to show others how we see the same world in unique and personal ways, digital photography gives us the opportunity to take pictures of our inner world and share them with others. Now we can start sharing the visions of our dreams, contemplations, meditations, and other inner travels. Maybe now we can find out if others out there have seen the same or similar places that we visit or know as inner reality.

The Virgin Mary

In this project I gladly gave my time and creativity to produce this poster. it took several images to create this one and actually the final image did not arrive to its completion until the last minute as I continued to adjust the images to allow the feelings that were coming through my heart to mold the image.
I find tolerance a virtue. When it comes to loving we must respect, tolerate, and cheer our fellow men's choice of worship for in the end it is the pure act of love that can purify us not judging others for their choices.

These were the images that I selected to create the final poster. Originally I was approached by the project director for the creation of the image. Over lunch we shared ideas and this suggestion became the favorite. The hardest part was to make the room looking naturally messy but with the help of the children in the picture we were able to make the studio set look real!!!

With digital photography the sky is the limit

The power of Digital Photography is so fantastic that I don't see limitations to its potential. Today, with a couple of hours of introduction to your digital camera and a image manipulating software program anyone has the potential to become a successful digital artist. In my "Magic Digital Darkroom" video I give to the photographer the key manipulations used by professional digital photographers to quickly taking an image that they like and turn them into a "post-card-quality" image. The companion CD demonstrates the creation of this image and therefore opens the door for anyone to enter the magical world of digital image making -- not just photography --
The issue today is no longer that of can of cannot but rather will or will not. Regardless of how powerful word processors have become one still has to be a good poet of writer to create an interesting piece of literature. The same is true with Digital photography. Ultimately, one has to find the artist within to be able to advance.
At the root of it all we discover that the key to success in the arts depends on the purpose of the artist. Art is a form of communication and without having something to say there is nothing to tell in any form of communication.
It is my experience that if we stop thinking and imagining to have the opportunity to open our inner self to what our heart is trying to say, we stand then the chance to discover what is that we are supposed to pursuit. More than the love for what we do, is the passion that gives us the necessary conditions and power to arrive at a point of manifestation that benefits us all.
Sunlight for the body and passion for the Soul gives us all we are and all that we may choose to become!

To Be, I Am.

Last year hen I got back home from major surgery I just had been diagnosed with a non-odgekins lymphoma.
Somewhere inside of me I knew that the implications of such news were life threatening. Yet, another part of me kept the believe that my time was not up and that some how this situation was another experience in the process of bringing me to another level of reality from which I would be able to do whatever was that my mission on Earth was meant to be this time around.
A year has passed and the world where I live today is so different from the one where I was before all this took place.
In a period of one year everything from temporary short term memory collapse, to chemotherapy, limes disease, and even disloyalties from assumed business friends, it all came into play.
In life a balance must exist and that believe gave me the energy to realize that only the highest mountains cast the deepest shadows. Hence such compressed amount of challenging experiences could only be the indicator that great things had to be somewhere around my life waiting to be manifested.
My personal life has exploded into dimensions of love, understanding, and passion that I can only feel very lucky to experience. My first child whom I had not seen for over 30 years and had no idea how to find since she has traveled around the world and married suddenly manifested in my life. She is the subject of my first three images at the top of this page. Great new friends have replaced those who were not true in the first place. New business opportunities are showing up everywhere and I have never had so much love in my life. If going through what I did was the price to get to where I am I will call such challenges the best bargain in my life.
My picture is a self-portrait taken from the reflection of my face on the mirrors in one of the bathrooms in the house. The camera was mounted on a clamp attached to one of the shelves and then I just activated the timer and posed to create the image that I was feeling in my heart.
I felt both; a great sense of power and a great sense of love for the very mystery of the universe that has allowed me to be that which I am.
I felt above the Earth while under the love of the very power that creates all. There was peace, surrender in the heart to the love and power of creation while great compassion for all living beings, their pain, suffering, and helplessness.
Photography was the vehicle through which I made the connection between the mind and the heart and now I sense a whole new plateau unfolding before me.
So if life hands you lemons don't settle for lemonade, try a daiquiri, or a meringue, or create something exciting and new!!!!!
Ultimately it all comes down to how we choose it interpret what we experience. That is our power alone. As we do so life will become the result of such choices. In the end if we fill our hearts with love we run out of space for anything else.
...And what can possibly be better than a heart full of love?

Letters To No One

This image reflects the feeling of disconnection that I felt in the years I was wandering where my daughter might be and also wandering what she may be thinking about me. To know that somewhere there is a connection but not knowing where is the challenge and the pain.

Mother's Day Rhapsody

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